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E Waste

E-waste consists of the waste of Electronic and electrical equipment and other that run on electricity or battery. It consist of different parts that made of plastic, glass, metals and other organic and inorganic compounds like lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium compounds they are highly dangerous persistent organic pollutants that cause health and environment risks.

E-waste contains that electronic and electric device which reached to the end of their life and cannot be further use. Such waste which is wide in range is computer, cellular phone, refrigerator, air conditioner, household appliances etc.

(WEEE) Waste of Electric and Electronic devices is not handled in environment friendly manner it can be harm human health and nature. So, the only one solution for this problem is E-waste Recycling that can prevent us and our nature from their harmful causes.

We knew that physical destruction of data is the best known method to destroy the data and impossible to access again after the physical destruction of data. As we know in computers Hard disk work as a memory which store all confidential and personal data’s of customer. So it is almost impossible to recover data from the hard disk after destroy its memory physically.

By our intensive process of recycling of E-waste of electrical and electronic equipments , they are broken into small piece after that the hazardous material get extracted and other components like glass, plastic , metals get separated for their further reuse for their respective industries as a raw material.